come join my blog at http; // share your work or lets talk about poetry, lets have some fun............................................. I am a product of the eighties, a life that we found our own ways of torturing our selves whether it was by thinking we were in love or not feeling loved by our parents. Not feeling we belong or excepted in society. We started punk, the first mosh pits and of course body piercing and many many tattoos. I had some great times and some very low times in my life and I found writing was a way to deal with the flow of this crazy place on earth, the daily grind of life and the broken pieces of my heart that so many times I had to hot glue back together. So I have been writing since I was a teen and through many mishaps of losing my poems through fire or a ex husband ripping them to shreds. I continued to write, then there was a day I decided to share at some ungodly hour of another night of no sleep I entered one of my poems into a contest and ended up winning. As a surprise I sent a copy of the award and the winning poem plus a few others to my father to show what I could do and the next mourning he called asking if I was ok, then I knew that he felt what I was writing about so then I just kept writing. I love writing poetry, it is expressive and hopefully when others read what I write they read them with an open mind and heart to understand and feel what I am writing about. Enjoy, 'Shanti' Peace and serenity always...


Andra Wadas Poems

A New Tear

Unexpectedly a small surprise
Something appeared from my eye
A tear starts to flow
for a reason... more »


How can we live in a world
with such pain and hate
caused everyday from the so called
human beings... more »

Something New

When Is it to soon
to say that you care
When you first met
A spark in the air... more »

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