I'm an unname person, with an unknown heart.
I live outside the pain, but without love.
I love to love and I hate to hate,
Though you can say
You love to hate and hate to love.


Andrea Szyhowski Poems

Tree (This Is My First Poem)

In my mind I see a tree.
The higher I climb,
the closer to you I get.
But at a point,... more »


I have good and bad,
some happy and some sad.
but why not the memory of you.
Just take away this blue!... more »

Dreams (Just For Broken Hearts)

A time when dreams were free,
A time when we believed,
A time ago to you,
Is just right now to me.... more »

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Comments about Andrea Szyhowski

Arfa Karim 27 Jul 2006 02:22
U r a great writer with a very huge imagination. U have a talent that only sum people possess so never let it go waste..... I loved ur poems especially 'I was chosen'. Never stop dreaming.