• A Lost Good-Bye

    We fight, argue, and then we get along.
    As time goes by our bond grows strong.
    My words you may never know
    For it was you time to go.... more »

  • A Pray From All Of Us

    Who am I?

    I don’t know anymore.
    A shadow is all I see.... more »

  • A True Path

    The path with a lot of space,
    The path with with no space?... more »

  • An I Poem

    I know I love you,
    I know I'm Blue,
    I know I can't have two.... more »

  • Bond Of Time

    The bond of time,
    The rush of lust,
    The pain of lost,
    The bond of time,... more »

  • Brithday

    Each year we change,
    Each year we grow,
    Hearts hold,
    secerts no one told.... more »

  • Crossfire

    At dawn the maiden embraces her solider away,
    Watching him depart, never knowing the next meeting day.
    The sun moves over the heaven,
    Off to work she goes, to be paid gold of seven.... more »

  • Dreams (Just For Broken Hearts)

    A time when dreams were free,
    A time when we believed,
    A time ago to you,
    Is just right now to me.... more »

  • For All That I Am

    Hold me in your arms, never let me go,
    For all that I am, I want you to know,
    I can talk until I have no sound,
    I can run until I hit the ground,... more »

  • Forgotten Dreams

    I thought I would make it,
    I thought you would care,
    But now I see,
    You were not for me.... more »

  • Found

    Angel of Death can not give me you,
    Angel of Joy can't take my blue.

    My heart beats fast at you name,... more »

  • Hard

    As I walk in the woods I hear my name,
    Good thing my heart is no blame.
    At first I thought was time for the byebye,
    but no it was just the by by.... more »

  • Hopes

    Hopes make the world look gold,
    or that is what I've been told.
    Hopes make the world go round,
    to bad we're on the ground.... more »

  • I Still Love You

    We fight,
    but I still love you.
    Your moving away,
    but I still love you.... more »

  • I Was Chosen

    I never choose this,
    I never given the chance,
    I never wanted it to end,
    But I was chosen for this.... more »

  • If

    If tears didn't hurt so much,
    I would never stop crying.
    If the pain would go on forever,
    I know it was true love.... more »

  • Just Because

    I didn't want to choose you,
    I didn't want to be with you,
    I just didn't.
    Because I knew I would feel this pain,... more »

  • Just Love

    All my life I looked for someone like you,
    but by now you have truned so blue.
    All my life I've thought love was unreal,
    then you made me feel.... more »

  • Let Me Go

    You held me to you,
    I ask be be let go.

    You tickled me,... more »

  • Light In Darkness

    A candle bruns,
    A fire steams,
    A girl calls out,
    A light shines thou the darkness.... more »

  • Light Of Love

    We went by night,
    looking for light.
    My light was you,
    until you went blue.... more »

  • Little Girl

    There was a little girl here,
    she was so kind and so dear.
    In her heart she started to wake,
    but once she rised an age she quake.... more »

  • Lost Love-New Beginning

    The love of hope and dreams forgotten,
    The scars of what was never meant to be remain,
    The truth of this lost love turned into a lie,
    The lost love last good-bye.... more »

  • Memories

    I have good and bad,
    some happy and some sad.
    but why not the memory of you.
    Just take away this blue!... more »

  • My...

    Heart of…
    Heart of my heart,
    Heart of my dream,
    Heart of my hope.... more »