• Never Say...

    I will never say...
    How could I say...
    What will I do...
    What can I say...... more »

  • None

    Change within me,
    Hurt like a bee.

    Change within you,... more »

  • Pearls

    A pearl in an ocean of dreams,
    What can I say, shot the beams?

    A pearl in an ocean of hopes,... more »

  • Questions

    What is Love?
    Where does it come from?
    How dose it work?
    Can you love?... more »

  • Sick And Twisted World

    The world I live in is Sick and Twisted,
    The guy who is like my brother I love,
    The guy who I have grown to love I've known so long.... more »

  • So I'M White (First Love)

    So I'm White,
    not to proud,
    So I'm White,
    not to happy,... more »

  • Stained Glass Masquerade (Words To The Song)

    Is there anyone that fails,
    Is there anyone that falls,
    Am I the only one in church today feelin' so small.... more »

  • Stupid

    As the days have past,
    Our love didn't last,
    A change in your being,
    How is got me to be seeing,... more »

  • Tears

    The day you left I saw the end,
    The day you left I lost a Friend.

    The pain grew and grew,... more »

  • The Pain

    I know you may not hear this,
    I know you may not care,

    But the pain in my heart is getting hard to bear,... more »

  • Thoughts

    My thoughts are of my own.

    Little thoughts,
    I can be a hero, Sailor Scout, Magical Being, Loved by All.... more »

  • Tree (This Is My First Poem)

    In my mind I see a tree.
    The higher I climb,
    the closer to you I get.
    But at a point,... more »

  • Unseen

    What can we see by our eyes?
    Colors, Friends, People, or animles?
    I wish to see what is Unseen,
    because that is what is real to me.... more »

  • Unwritten (The Words To The Song)

    I am unwritten, can't read my mind, I'm undefined
    I'm just beginning, the pen's in my hand, ending unplanned

    Staring at the blank page before you... more »

  • What She Did

    She got out of the shower,
    And not in the passing of an hour,
    Tears walked down her face,
    She tried to tie them up like lace.... more »

  • When She Was Lost

    On the most sunniest day of the year,
    On the most brightest day of the month,
    On the most hottest day of the week,
    A little girl was in the middle of the park.... more »

  • Who Hears Me?

    I call out and hope someone hears me,
    Some how I know in my heart this was never meant to be,

    I cry out and pray somewhere I'm heard,... more »

  • Witches

    Upon a full moon,
    After years of slumber,
    Awaken four girls of one mother.
    Deep in the darks of their hearts,... more »