Andreas Classen Biography

I was born in Düren, in the extreme west of Germany, in 1966 and work as a geo-data-manager but I have alwas been artistically active besides school, travels, studies geography / ethnology / meteorology / business / aministration, jobs, profession and family. I started with drawings and watercolours some of wich were shown at the Leopold-Hoesch-Museum in Düren in 1984. After that came films and since 1992 radio-shows. Since that time I am known in the Düren region for more than two thousand hours on air as anchorman and host with the " Erster Dürener Rundfunkverein" first Düren radio-club. Besides that I have always been writing a little: Short prose, some scripts for films or audio-plays and poems and lyrics, some of those in English. First to be professionally published has been " Small Minds" , lyrics for a song by T.G.-Project now Dubpartheid that appeared in 2007 on the CD that came with Riddim magazine in Germany England and on Jamaica. Since 2010 I also present and perform my texts on stage. In late 2011 I directed a theater project. In 2013 I was invited to join the international art-project " What Color Is Abuse? " . I contributed texts as a colorful flag to hang on a wall, an audio installation and a live performance.2015-17 I returned to a movie-production this time as sound engineer.2018 finally one of my poems in German was printed in someone else's book.