Andrew C P Carnegie 26th AUGUST 1962

A descendant of his famous forebear after whom he is named, Andrew is an adventurer, entrepreneur and poet who became a born again Christian by complete surprise in 2012.
Holder of several business awards he was also humbled to be one of the 18 people selected to receive a national award for exceptional bravery from the UK's association of chief police officers in 2013.
Andrew has advised and run companies on an international basis, principally across Europe with a focus on health care. He holds qualifications in allied medical physiology and combat medicine from his short six year service in the Royal Army Medical Corp.
A keen sailor, Andrew owns a Rival 41AC and since 1993 has covered some 50,000 miles at sea, often accompanied by his four young children.
He has appeared as himself in the Radio 4 docudrama, 'Mayday, Mayday' due to an incident that occurred the night he met his wife.
He has also appeared on several TV shows as an audience member, most recently being reported globally for his questioning of the MP Michael Gove during the Brexit campaign.
Following his Damascus road experience in 2012, Andrew attended a part time course in Theology at Trinity college Bristol and is due to complete a Higher diploma in Theology and Mission in early 2017.
His interest in poetry has been life long, His Great Grandfather on his father side, (the famous Andrew Carnegie) , was a poet as well as being one of the Worlds richest men and on his mother side his much loved grandfather, Charlie Brown, wrote poetry. A poem written by him on his mothers birth certificate sparked Andrews interest at a young age however he never published anything. IN 2014 a dream told him to start writing Christian related poetry on Twitter, a medium he had never used, and very rapidly he amassed a growing number of followers. This has led to several commercial offers and Andrew is due to feature in a small way in an up and coming TV advertising campaign on ITV.
Andrew loves sailing but also has a long history of diving with BSAC and PADi and hides badly a secret love of Morgan sports cars.



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