• A Solitary Prayer

    If there ever comes such a time,
    My soul takes delight in joys of life-
    and my flesh is lost in the comfort of eyes,... more »

  • My Own Suicide Note

    Drowning in this world of pain,
    It's too hard to explain,
    Can't find my breath here,
    Life now seems hard to bear.... more »

  • The Unexpected Companion

    It was dark and I stood alone at the station,
    The train didn't came and the sweat around my eyes illustrated my frustration,
    As my mind wobbled around the psycho who was killing only guys,
    And for pleasure he took out their eyes.... more »

  • To Nothingness We Strive?

    It is such a foolishness, to
    wish for things-
    that we never see.
    A madness-... more »

  • Valley Of Roses

    I fled away to a distant land,
    For the sake of solace which I may find,
    The sacred place I long to be,
    In the Valley of Roses-... more »

  • Where Reality Meets Fantasy

    Each time I close my eyes,
    You catch me in my dreams.
    Why is it that's it only been awhile
    It seems we've waited a thousand lives.... more »