• A Feeling Of Love

    A cold night, a summer’s day,
    Every night I kneel and pray.
    I pray for life and I pray for death
    I pray for this feeling to disperse... more »

  • An Empty Promise

    I hate the way,
    the way you make me feel,
    i hate the way i love you,
    the love that i feel... more »

  • Darkest

    In the darkest hour,
    Of the darkest time,
    Of our darkest year,
    We see the darkest of truths.... more »

  • Door Way

    I look outside an see my life,
    An then inside i start to die,
    I see my soul as it fly’s away,
    Deep inside i wish it had stayed,... more »

  • Empty Words, Empty Heart

    i close my mind,
    i close my heart,
    i close my fist,
    i hope to die... more »

  • Feelings

    I find it hard to understand you,
    I find it hard to show my feelings,
    I found it hard to tell you how i feel,
    I found it hard to care again,... more »

  • Feelings And Times Passed

    i sat here and thought of the time,
    the time before you where in my mind,
    i prayed and hoped,
    i hoped and prayed,... more »

  • Forgotten Dreams

    The nights are cold,
    Cold and alone,
    Alone in the darkness,
    The darkness of dreams... more »

  • From

    From what i knew,
    To what i know,
    To what i thought i knew,
    What’s wrong with us.... more »

  • Heart, Body And Soul

    Minds empty,
    souls free,
    hearts open,
    memories.... more »

  • Here Alone My Way

    Here i walk,
    Alone in shadow,
    My mind wondering,
    My body shaking... more »

  • Pain

    The pain i feel,
    so very real,
    the heart ach i feel,
    so very sad... more »

  • Together Yet Apart

    i lay here next to you,
    yet you do not seem to know.
    i kissed you on the hand,
    yet you do not seem to know.... more »

  • You And I

    I wish for you,
    a wish divine,
    your eternal happiness would be so fine.... more »