• Bored To Tears

    I've sunk into a rut.
    Tried writing, tried reading, tried running, tried sleeping.
    Whatever I do, I get bored.
    My Mom tells me this story of one summer day when I was a little,... more »

  • Coffee

    You sip your coffee,
    wave me down.
    Polite niceties are exchanged,
    oh how things have changed.... more »

  • Nature's Blood

    Her clever eyes—humorous lips,
    words undulating as waves
    not of a vast ocean,
    but an evening bath-... more »

  • On A Bench In Jerusalem

    On a bench in Jerusalem,
    a woman with a hijab.

    Beside her, a man,... more »

  • On Turner's "Slave Ship"

    Shackled limbs devoured by
    Marine beasts in the
    Thunderous waves of
    Open sea... more »

  • To The Man In Orange

    Are there bars on your windows. Are your curtains tattered. Is the glass of your door shattered. Is your home brick. Does it look exactly like every other on the block. Does barbed wire curl around your metal fence. Do weeds grow through your cracks. Are you from what they call the chocolate city.

    When you walk outside, do you get offered "angel dust, " or "china white" by the squatting homeless man. Do the police hold their waste-bands in your presence and pinch their eyebrows when they see you. Do the children outside cover their ears from the sirens. Does the sunlight glisten off the broken beer bottles.... more »