Im still an amateur at this, but i like writing alot, it gets my thoughts out of my head, and my good poems get my feelings out of my heart, so my poetry really just represents who i am... Hope you Enjoy =) The Poems added that have The Black Rose at the bottom are off my other account, but i decided to move all my poems over. Became annoying with two accounts.


Andrew Rose Poems

Love, Death & The Flower

Black Petals lay across the hay,
crimson pools around his feet,
a mirror so that only he can see,
last words dying across his face,... more »

All The Shades Of Grey

When all I have turns to grey,
Im left with nothing but useless spray,
don’t pray,
don’t tell the truth,... more »

A Night On The Overlander

Fog and smoke surrounds me,
the wind flying past me,
shooting through the dark,
past lives thatll never see the flow... more »

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