• Flame

    I paint these pictures with a heart that's always lost,
    in the wings of dantes prayer,
    in between the coals,
    souls smouldering dry,... more »

  • Forever

    Life is but a dream,
    your painted with vivid strokes of memory lasting forever a trace,
    to wake up is torture,
    with you hanging just within the imagination and just out of reach,... more »

  • Fresh Wound

    Running water floods the way,
    And opens the heart untill things decay,

    Letting old wounds become the living flesh,... more »

  • Friends

    There's friends amongst us all,
    Some rise,
    Most fall,
    But for a true friend there's only one simple rule,... more »

  • Full Moons Sleepless Night

    The night is young,
    And I am fresh,
    Craving for the warmth,
    That lays in another,... more »

  • Guilted Truth

    Each beats a second counting down time,
    and all i have is you in mine eyes,
    your words in my heart,
    beaten out one by one,... more »

  • Hearts Are Gods

    Hearts are gods just always beaten,
    Yet still you leave me so defeated,
    How hard is it to be-just me breathing,
    My lungs ignore air and go on screaming,... more »

  • I Keep Tripping And Falling On My Heart

    I keep triping and falling on my heart,
    and it seems youve played your part,
    in the misery i see
    when i look at me,... more »

  • If Rose's Were Poems

    If Roses were poems,
    Id lie down all day,
    Picking the petals,
    to count out dismay,... more »

  • Igloo For A Panda

    If White fell all around the place,
    I’d take it all & make a space,
    For me and you to sit and hide,
    Pretend there’s no more world to die,... more »

  • Im Such A Fool

    To break my heart,
    Day by day,
    and live our life in the same old way,
    I beleived you were something true,... more »

  • Immortal Wounds

    Wounded by a blade of no material world,
    leaves a mark that can never trully be healed,
    each time someone else crys the fate,
    i fall,... more »

  • Infinity

    Drip to drip she falls to his feet,
    He’s always been there to see both ends meet,

    A cycle that’s been since time began,... more »

  • Innocent Crave

    Your beauty calls on perfect lust,
    This summers day in which we've come to trust,
    I look at you and dream away,
    of fields so green,... more »

  • Love, Death & The Flower

    Black Petals lay across the hay,
    crimson pools around his feet,
    a mirror so that only he can see,
    last words dying across his face,... more »

  • Me

    If only you could be me,
    see through the eyes of me,
    then youd know what its like to be me,
    then youd know why i act like me,... more »

  • Metaphor For Our Days

    Sailing high,
    on a dark wave,
    crashing down to,
    desecrate,... more »

  • Missing Days

    Theres a feeling in the air thats cold tonight
    but its warmed with the beauty of loves respite.
    I'm left with missing you as the lights fade away
    and I know I'll face tommorow without your face.... more »

  • Moment Of Fire

    Heavens on fire as the last day burns out the sky,
    Setting the world with an eerie orange glow,
    Streaked through with pinks and reds,
    Stealing the breath of those below,... more »

  • My Angel

    An Angel flew down to this earth
    She sat among my friends and me,
    Her stunning brilliance there for all to see,
    Yet somehow it was only between her and me,... more »

  • My Everything

    My fingers slide over her skin,
    Smooth and soft under my touch,
    Radiating warmth,
    Warmth that draws me in,... more »

  • My Lady

    For all the hope you’ve given,
    For all the smiles we’ve shared,
    For that warm fuzzy felling,
    That seems to float round my heart,... more »

  • My Reality

    How did i end up like this,
    My life is falling down round my head,
    I feel like i should be dead,
    My soulmate is lying with someone else,... more »

  • Never Meant It Enough

    Passing like the smiles in my face,
    are the days that have no trace,
    when your not there to hold me tight,
    or argue my every point till late at night,... more »

  • Numb

    I’m numb,
    Numb to the bone,
    The fire of life runs cold,
    And I am left shivering,... more »