• Ocean Eyes

    Eyes of oceans,
    Deep blues and greens,
    Forever changing,
    To the beat of the waves,... more »

  • One Thing

    Take everything you want in life,
    Take everything you have ever gone through,
    Take everything you hold dear,
    Save one thing... more »

  • Pentacle

    A penatcale,
    All alone,
    Sitting in the dark,
    Five points burn bright,... more »

  • Reality

    The world is throbbing in your eyes,
    blurry and hazy,
    everything just flys by,... more »

  • Red Rocks

    Read the love between my lines
    because thats what i cant tell you,
    thats what i have to hide behind.
    Its not all there in words or paper,... more »

  • Risks

    Risks and Risks,
    risks we take,
    to scared to know,
    how theyll shake,... more »

  • Seasons Past

    Shy waves,
    a collateral sea,
    each lap
    and your further from me,... more »

  • Secrets Of Earth

    Echoing chasms,
    long forgotten,
    left to the ghostly wail of time,
    secrets left there tended long ago,... more »

  • Simon's River

    We were happy,
    in our own way,
    close as our hearts could make,... more »

  • Slow Tear

    Lying in dark wells of deceit,
    upon my back,
    with you all beneath,... more »

  • Small Sad World

    In a world where anything is possible,
    Why are we forsaken to despair,
    hate,... more »

  • Soldier

    Lose yourself in a perfect bliss where everything seems to go a miss,
    and you couldn’t care less because you don’t know consequence,
    ive never been there but some say its hell,
    any rate its better than this world,... more »

  • Sorry

    Sorry may be just a word, but it can mean a thing,
    At first its just a gesture, learnt to keep you polite,
    Then its an excuse, even if It don’t feel right,
    Then it becomes denial and is hardly used at all... more »

  • Statuette

    She felt him fall before he would ever know,
    she knew by souls what he could never tell,
    her heart stained black before the glass had spilt,
    yet she stood there,... more »

  • Ten Thousand Days Of Tears

    In a world drained of colour,
    Drained of warmth and light,
    Falls a single tear,
    Echoing through the night... more »

  • The Dark And Me

    Im lost in my own dark little world,
    it has four walls,
    a window,
    & a door,... more »

  • The Eternal Mind

    Whispers of the eternal mind,
    Seeping through a midsummers night,
    lost inside yourself,
    nothing to turn to,... more »

  • The Kingston Flyer

    Morning light pounds the earth into mine eyes,
    I see something black on the rise,

    Her deafening roar, shakes off the mountains above,... more »

  • The Little Things

    I am in Love with a girl,
    Everything is perfect,
    Except for one thing,
    Those little things,... more »

  • The Otherworld

    I saw the otherworld today,
    golden rays lighting up the sky,
    streaking the clouds as they reflect the light...... more »

  • This Truly Is Meant For You

    If i said you were my reason for life,
    What would you say?
    If when im alone at night,
    sick,... more »

  • Tonight

    Tonight I was shown how short a day can be,

    Even when it smiles,... more »

  • Trapped

    I’m trapped,
    Somewhere between life and death,
    In a world of pain and hurt,
    Betrayal got me here,... more »

  • True Love

    True love lasts forever,
    it gets you through thick and thin,
    True love conquers all,
    it never lets you give in,... more »

  • True Thoughts

    Dark blade in hand,
    its fate in your back,
    while eyes of the abyss,
    stare,... more »