• A Poem For My Love

    Life is good, Life is bad,
    Life is all you'll ever have,
    And now I wonder do you even care?... more »

  • All

    You never did take the fall
    So I was blamed for it all
    You lied all about the call
    So I was blamed for it all... more »

  • Evol

    Alone I lie hear in my bed
    Happy thoughts run through my head
    Yet my sorrow overwelms the night
    I think happy but I feel fright... more »

  • Evol Ii

    Could I have overcome this fright
    Has fear been lifted from this night
    Somehow I feel it's still there
    Somewhere lerking in the air... more »

  • Fairy Tale

    Nic-Nac Patty Wack give a dog a bone
    is this love that you have shown.

    Ring Around the Rosies Pockets full of Posies... more »

  • I'M Back

    I digress form what I think
    Knowing that I'm on the brink
    of blowing up on the inside
    I have once again found my pride... more »

  • Outcast

    All these people laughing at me,
    and I look as If I'm happy.
    It looks like theres nothing wrong,
    But I can only hold out for so long.... more »

  • Pain Temptation

    I love you, You love me,
    What the hell is happening.
    Love is such a neucence.... more »