• Abandon

    Waking to a living nightmare
    Sweat pouring from the soul... more »

  • Animal

    Bound to a table
    Poked with a stick
    Treated like an animal
    Treat for a trick... more »

  • Blood

    They floated together dearly
    Inner-twined in such a manner
    To know they must spend time wisely
    There being no time for chatter... more »

  • Bombarded Church

    Choices are barren
    Thoughts misconstrued
    Decisions are darin'
    Compulsion eludes... more »

  • Contradiction

    One step to the edge
    Yet a mile from it
    Like eating no food
    And continue to vomit... more »

  • Deceit

    Soul torn in half
    To our spiteful laughter
    Screaming deranged madness
    All begin to gather... more »

  • Hallucination

    Engulfed by life
    Becoming addicted
    Overwhelmed by fear
    Chosen from hatred... more »

  • Lost

    Of pain, sorrow, and, trivial things
    living a life thats so commonly told
    Departing from a truth thats so favorably sings
    and waking up in a cave thats so wet and cold... more »

  • Madness

    Lyrics float up and touch the surface
    From a subconscious that's so out of focus... more »

  • Mindset

    Born to rap
    But not to listen
    Trapped in my mind
    Which has became my prison... more »

  • No Heart

    Forgetting to hate
    Not willing to love... more »

  • Ravings Of Nothing

    Real thoughts from a plaigerized mind
    Typical human ideals splurred out by the pen... more »

  • Twisted

    Torn to pieces
    But still together
    Life is dull
    But seems to get better... more »

  • Uncertainty

    To be a jack of all trades
    Yet a master of none

    Is like sitting in the shade... more »

  • Warfare Of The Mouth

    Minds twisted
    Thoughts enlisted

    Words so great begin to clash... more »