AC Andy Caldwell

I was both an artist and an engineer. Several years ago I was diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson's Disease. PD has taken away most of my ability to work and to make art. Poems are my way of sharing and maybe helping somebody following a similar path.

If you like my poems, more are available on Amazon in ebooks. I would encourage you to read them. Please let me know your thoughts. If you would like to see me and hear my story go to You Tube, search on 'Andy, His Shop, and Jesus.' Watch the video.


Quotes (3)

The universe remembers every little detail, it will always know we were, we are, we will be. Nothing is lost.
Conservation of Information.
Great minds are often irrational in fore thought but logical in hind thought when they create.
Dr. Andrew B. Caldwell, Ph.D.
'What, me worry? '.'.............
Alfred E. Newman

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