• A Prayer... My Prayer

    I lift my soul to the God of all nations,
    and offer my service to all of His creation.
    I accept my place in all that is,
    and worship the beauty of my own being.... more »

  • Discontentment

    I have seen past the Magician's
    tricky sleight of hand,
    and detest His great illusion.... more »

  • Failure? I Doubt It....

    Halfway there, Halfway there
    Doomed to always be
    Halfway there.... more »

  • Silly Robot... Choice Is For Humans

    They say to let your heart decide,
    but what do hearts know of choice?
    They're ruled by electric pulses,
    and tangled tyrant nerves.... more »

  • The American Epidemic

    The girls in this town they make me sick
    someone stole their minds and painted their lips
    but oh sometimes when their shakin their hips
    it makes me lose my own.... more »

  • The Dancer

    Inside a wooden dresser
    That your mother kept so neat
    is a pair of ballet slippers
    too small now for your feet.... more »

  • The Earth Is Still In Motion

    Wash out your eyes,
    Abandon your cries,
    the Earth is still in motion.... more »

  • The Tree Of Waking Life

    The tree that says with elation,
    'I think I'll fly instead.
    Although there's but water in my roots
    to last me through the day,... more »

  • True God

    You think you've found God, but you're far off
    He ain't hidin' in that little book.
    He's right between your furrowed brow.
    The reason why, the way, the how.... more »

  • Were You Also Dreaming?

    Were you also dreaming,
    This morning around sunrise?
    And did we dance together,
    between the four posts... more »