• Angels Fall

    Burned by the utmost fire
    Of rotten desire,
    I find myself in awe.
    The pain of a liar... more »

  • As The Stars Shine

    As the stars shine in my mind,
    The only light dimmly shrines
    My head at last in joy
    When first so coy.... more »

  • Broken Hearted

    Was it I that rued to blame
    Yet remained in denial?... more »

  • Could It Be

    Could it be my clouded mind,
    Too much struggle for me to bind.
    A perfect love turned to perfect hate
    A perfect life soon torn by fate... more »

  • Deceit

    Inside my world of cherries trees,
    And bumble bees,
    And summer breeze,
    Inside my world of cherries trees,... more »

  • Down The Field

    As I walk down the field,
    I saw a flower, so yet I yield.
    Such beauty the rose had,
    But I know that it was sad,... more »

  • Faded Memoirs

    As I watch with guilt and mellow drama
    I saw the end of my life's aspirations
    I begged and pleaded and grovelled
    For mercy at the sight of His hand.... more »

  • Golden

    Divine beauty at expense to my forsooth,
    And alas, angels envy her.
    With eyes that shine of the truth,
    Just glimmer dimmly behind them sadly.... more »

  • If I Fall

    If I fall along the way,
    Would You be right here to stay,
    Would You help me with my broken heart,
    To sow it back after it was torn apart,... more »

  • Lost Love

    Tainted by a light,
    Glimmering from a bulb,
    dimly flickering,
    Resting inside a tungsten wire.... more »

  • Love And Tragedy

    Yes, I have loved with love
    that was more than love
    more than love,
    Drove myself mad with this love... more »

  • Love Me Tenderly

    Love me tenderly
    And love me sweet.
    For I have loved you
    Being my greatest feat.... more »

  • Memories Too Soon Forgotten

    'Keep the courage to give,
    And forever will you live.'
    She said so often
    Memories too soon forgotten.... more »

  • My Morose Rose

    Up so high, in the growing sky
    Is the sun shining its rays.
    Yet dark clouds, this nightly crowd,
    Blocks the sun from praise.... more »

  • My Undertow

    But let all the life and heart of many
    Direct you not the easiest solution
    Given to my heart at vast
    Gain a knowledge of absolution.... more »

  • New To Me

    All this love and all this glee
    Has always been new to me.
    And all this love was only for me.... more »

  • Roses

    As if by some divine design,
    I clearly give up on things, it seems
    Because life has given me its only sign,
    Of ridding me of my solemn dreams.... more »

  • Such A Sight

    Such a sight for summer-stained eyes
    The cold breathes down my back
    Too cold for a warming ransack
    In a shelter where bears the truth's lies... more »

  • Sullen Heartstring

    Slipping through a trudging life,
    Falling into the gyre of depression.
    But see the laughing people,
    They that dwell up in the steeple,... more »

  • Take Away

    My heart bleeds...
    Shadows of light
    from out the moon.
    Broken too soon... more »

  • The Drain

    In the alleys of hotless rain,
    That pour more than once, than twice,
    but thrice.
    Trickle down the gutter drain,... more »

  • The Light

    Ah, the light.
    The bright light of dreams.
    Up above us all
    Given to us,... more »

  • The Well

    When I look into your eyes,
    I see a sea of hopeless dreams.
    But you wish to fulfill them just the same.
    As time slowly passes, those dreams,... more »

  • When Supremely My Idol Falls

    When supremely my idol falls,
    While I purl down that aisle sadly,
    As I wish for Him to return to me,
    May I live at best that holy.... more »