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Rev. Andy hird, director
Phone [505-989-1964]
1502 montano st. no.2
Santa Fe nm.87505

Rev. Andy Hird is a minister of the human spirit who worships the
True human spirit in himself and in all human beings.

He holds three degrees: a Bachelors in poverty, a masters in oppression, and a PhD in inhumanity attained from over 50 years of study and research, life experiences, and human out reach.

For the past 21 years, he has shared his professional life and human spirit with and for the good of all human beings. He works with people from all walks of life: the rich the poor; people who have fallen through the cracks; people with mental health issues; people with drug and alcohol problems, and with any other addictions they may have; people who are prostitutes; former inmates; people who are homeless; people who are growing old and often lonely; runaway children; people who feel hopeless and powerless; those whose lives are shattered; with still others who are enraged, bitter, and filled with hatred. Indeed, he has shared his talents and love with a wide variety of people helping them to show love and kindness to others.

He has been writing, and posting social activist poetry on the web for over three years, and giving readings at coffee houses.

He also has lectured at Doane College in Lincoln Nebraska for 15 years,4 to 5 times a year on awaken to humanity.

He is ordained as a minister by the universal life church ministries, an international organization.

Rev. Andy’s mission is to Awaken People to Humanity; to awaken people to The True Human Spirit of love and goodness within all of us; to awaken people to the human collective; to help every person to share love, goodness, and their talents for the benefit and welfare of all humanity.


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