• Akumu

    Carnage coming crashing knocking down your door.
    You open to see Thor swinging you on the floor.
    Rampage running roughly killing you.
    You escape, but darkness got you glue.... more »

  • Annabel Asuna

    In her tomb by the sounding of sea.
    You hear a tsunami of pain, waves crashing down on my mom.
    Seem like I may never see the world.
    My hope was about to jump off the bridge.... more »

  • I'll Wait For You

    ... more »

  • Lust

    Lust is what adjust affection to eroticism.
    L is for loving your luscious desire.
    U look at her on the screen.
    S satisfy what you pleasure to see.... more »

  • Midgets Assemble!

    My people, my friend, my midgets!
    We have been told that we can't win.
    HA, they don't even know who they're messing with.
    Yes we're humble to huge things.... more »