Andy Wood Biography

After years of meandering about doing various unfulfilling jobs, a bit of eco-activism, a degree in geography, travelling round Britain and lots of hanging out playing guitar and drinking with friends, living in a squat working as a co-director of a successful workers co-op.
Some of the stuff that I posted here was written when I was living up a tree (In a little tree-house) on a protest site. It is pretty naive and quite influenced by alcohol and the amazing people I was working with, some of whom I miss loads.
The later stuff is by contrast a lot less idealistic and probably more negative, but still fairly cosmically(! ?) inclined.
I generally write this stuff just to get it out of my head and some of it makes a lot more sense years afterward when I can see it as a more basic snapshot of how I was feeling at the time with all the imagery stripped away.
My latest poems are consciously about relationships and friends with the occasional lunge at religion, politics and big business.
I don't think I'm a poet any more than anyone else in the world so please take these writings as what they are. Reflections of my character at particular points in time. Nothing more.