• 23rd Feb 2008

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  • Address To The Masters Of The Hour

    Masters of the Hour,

    I behold a regimented empire
    Of chainless cycles, pointless principles.... more »

  • All Of Us

    Hope lies dead on the red carpet -
    Fame has claimed it's sacrifice and
    It's not a pretty sight.
    Right place at the right time... more »

  • Always

    You make me rise
    You make me fall
    You give me nothing
    You give me all... more »

  • Angel

    Across the sea and
    Round me danced
    An angel.
    Hiding the flame... more »

  • Back To Reality

    Feel that energy that courses
    Through our bodies
    Whenever our spirit divorces us
    From the grim realities -... more »

  • Buried

    There is a city underground
    Never to be found.
    The past of our now -
    Similar somehow,... more »

  • Burnout

    Last of a long line-
    Reached the end,
    Outside of time.
    Stopped and looked back... more »

  • Cattle

    See the cities smother love
    Hate is growing from above
    Breeding plague, selling death
    Counting every sacred breath... more »

  • Dead Love

    When love turns inside out
    Because it is so vast
    That the world cannot cope
    It destroys you.... more »

  • Drunken Ramble

    Wet feet on a full moon.
    Tides will turn quite soon.
    Cup in hand -
    Head hanging man!... more »

  • Either/Or

    Fabrics break into strands,
    Ands fall away to dark,
    The last threads in my hands,
    I cannot tie back together.... more »

  • Feeling Free

    Drifting on
    Oceans of mindlessness
    Stretching out
    To lands unknown.... more »

  • Heart Attack

    Spitting nails at a wall
    Won't give you much peace
    Need release in a positive way
    To prevent the decay of your... more »

  • I Still Love You

    I walk towards the fire and sing
    Of summers gone and distant spring
    Of lands of gold and places new.
    I still love you.... more »

  • Ignorance

    Can you see me only to blame
    Are you blinkered,
    Led by a hand unthinking?
    A grown man with no... more »

  • Labels Define Us

    Selling plastic coated fabric
    Maverick players are ecstatic rats
    With franchise stores and whoreing hoards of units -
    Empty smiling faces... more »

  • Musings In A Treehouse

    On a high horse again,
    Or is it just a hobby?
    Where should we go -
    After the moor?... more »

  • My Kingdom

    The stress is sickening as
    Doors creak open and slam shut.
    I have blinded myself with vision
    And see so much... more »

  • Ode

    I'm harmless, charmed.
    You're charmless, armed,
    Barbed wire.
    I'm fire,... more »

  • Our Story

    A building ahead
    Stone through mist.
    Distant light
    Summoning me tonight.... more »

  • Rebirth

    Reclaim the land
    Renew the air
    Replenish forests
    Reap with care... more »

  • Samhain Trip

    Man in the green -
    Shocked senses,
    Pure spirit
    Tripping corners... more »

  • Skulls And Bones

    Layer upon layer of narratives
    Tripping switches to new levels
    Sickened and reeling with realization.
    We are at the centre of it all.... more »

  • Still Dream

    They're dying all around me and I don't care.
    I'm glad that I am still here and they're gone there for
    If it's not cause and effect then it's fate.
    In any case it's getting too late and... more »