• A Better Viewpoint

    this past
    shall I cavil at winds of thought
    and wallow in misery thus begot
    or shall... more »

  • A Bite On The Nose

    Has love ever bitten you right on the nose?
    I'm driven to think that that's not how it goes.

    You like a pair of eyes, a chin,... more »

  • A Snippet

    The air hangs thick as treacle,
    Yet no scent can I discern.
    My lungs for breath do labor;
    I feel the oxygen burn.... more »

  • Bitter Valentine

    Oh, my beating heart, be still
    Such raptures you have known
    In the past your mind has flown
    Until you took your pill.... more »

  • Conversations

    Every Conversation ever had,
    Has limbs and roots and branches.
    The paths not taken, good or bad,
    And those beyond our reaches.... more »

  • Insomnia Is An Emotional Author

    Compose a melody,
    Then add some harmony -
    Suddenly you've caught me; I'm listening.
    You spoke of my soul... more »

  • Movement

    Every movement anyone makes
    Contributes to a symphony.
    Some are random; some foreseen
    Purposeful consistency.... more »

  • Pyromania (To The Tune 'I'M A Little Teapot')

    I'm a pyromaniac,
    Orange and blue.
    Here is my match
    And here is my fuel.... more »

  • Seasons

    When leaves have lost their initiative
    and winds lead them into my hair
    I remember the summer days, love
    and would wish my soul to fly there.... more »

  • The Day That Didn'T Happen

    I went out walking early one day.
    My heart was not stolen away.
    I didn't meet a pair of dark eyes.
    My heart didn't fly to the skies.... more »

  • Timely Ignorance

    Yesterday knew not;

    When tomorrow comes so is... more »

  • Timely Love

    I knew not love a

    day ago; and tomorrow... more »

  • Wordplay

    Totally presumptuous.... more »