• Acting

    What they say
    It isn't true
    We're just close
    Holding your hand... more »

  • An Angel

    I need an angel
    Someone to watch
    Over me.
    When all hope has... more »

  • Blood

    Do you see it flowing from my body?
    When i asked you
    to get out of my life
    All you did was make things worse... more »

  • Broken Promises

    No one knows
    How to keep secrets
    Not anymore
    You might think... more »

  • Chase Me Away

    We’ve had our ups and downs
    What couple doesn’t have their frowns?
    But lately we feel more like friends
    All the sparks are gone; we just have odds and ends... more »

  • Confusion

    His hand fits mine perfectly
    He's my rock
    My everything
    I love him with all my heart... more »

  • Cravings

    When i lay down at night
    I crave your touch
    Your lips, your kisses
    I crave them badly... more »

  • Dark Angel

    As she walks through
    the darkness
    She feels the eyes
    Burning a whole in her... more »

  • Death

    I saw you holding
    My broken body
    Crying, then wailing
    Then screaming.... more »

  • Did I Help?

    I can't handle your tears
    They make me feel helpless
    The drops sliding down your cheeks
    Make me feel like I'm nothing... more »

  • Distance Of The Heart

    I went away
    Cuz I was accepted
    To my first choice
    Of colleges.... more »

  • Do You Wish?

    Do you wish
    things were different
    You act like it.
    Your life changed alot... more »

  • Emotions

    My heart hammers
    as you draw near
    My eyes are locked on yours
    As you hypnotize me... more »

  • Everyday

    The sun kissed the night sky
    As the pink dawn approached
    Another day is about to start
    And I'm pulled from the dream... more »

  • Everytime

    Every time I see you
    My hatred grows
    Anything I've felt
    Is gone and I'm glad... more »

  • Finally Happy

    She said she loved me
    But i didn't believe her
    I haven't seen her since
    But I found her... more »

  • Forever And Always

    You always say
    We're going to be
    This way forever
    But how can you be sure... more »

  • From A Man To A Woman

    I've seen all of you.
    Your kindness and strength.
    The best and the worst.
    But you never gave up.... more »

  • Go Away

    Please go away
    You're hurting me
    Your brutal fingers
    leave purple streaks... more »

  • Gossip

    Its human nature to gossip
    Everyone does it.
    But what everyone doesn’t do
    Is think about the consequences.... more »

  • Hands

    Her hand warm in mine
    kept us both warm
    In the cold night air... more »

  • Him And Not You

    I know I broke your heart... more »

  • Hurt

    I understand
    That you’re hurting
    He left you for reasons
    Unknown to you... more »

  • I Cried

    I cried when we were together
    I cried when we broke up
    I cried when we spoke again
    And when you lied again... more »

  • I Do Not Understand You

    I don't understand you
    But I think you understand me

    I see you and your bland face... more »