• My Sweetheart

    My Sweetheart's hair is nothing like the moon
    It's silky smooth not bumpy nor crazy
    It's golden like the sun high at the noon
    And makes you feel like all is just daisy... more »

  • Never Stop

    3 years
    that's a long time.
    I thought i could forget
    But i really havent... more »

  • No One Knows

    No one knows
    what im going through
    the pain, the agony
    no one knows.... more »

  • Not Again

    I'm not sure if this is a good idea
    I forgave him one too many times
    I don't think i should again.
    Not again.... more »

  • Only You

    Only your arms
    can save me.
    Only your lips
    can taste me.... more »

  • Our Memories

    My white dress
    flares at my waist
    I feel like a princess
    As I walked toward you... more »

  • Sonnet Of Lies

    Lies are easier to spew around
    We know the truth will always come out
    Lies can cause pain that drives us to the ground
    But still lies will always be told about... more »

  • Take My Heart

    You say you love me
    And I know I love you.
    We argue over who
    Loves the other more.... more »

  • The Possiblity

    The Possibility
    of getting hit by a car
    Is slim to none... more »

  • The Very End

    I wanna know
    What's in your heart
    So I can help you... more »

  • Time

    One second
    Is all it takes
    2 minutes
    The blood is flowing... more »

  • Today

    I lost someone
    Strange people spoke to me... more »

  • True Friends

    True friends will call you
    Just to say howdy do
    Fake friends will call you
    Because they’ve nothing better to do... more »

  • Truth

    Truth is solid
    As my world crumbles
    You hold the truth
    In your eyes... more »

  • Untitled Love Poem

    I didn’t realize how much I missed you
    Until you showed me what we could have gotten into
    I wish we never said goodbye
    I could have gotten lost in your eyes... more »

  • Velvet

    Velvet soft skin
    warm against mine
    His velvet touch
    Makes me melt... more »

  • What About Me?

    I’d like to think that
    I would do anything for you
    I consider myself
    A good person... more »

  • What's Left?

    Take away beauty
    Take away hope
    Take away family
    Take away feeling... more »

  • Why Didnt You Call Me?

    Why didn't you call me?
    I sat by the phone all day
    But I heard nothing
    You couldn't take five minutes... more »

  • Words

    There are happy and positive words
    Then sad and bad words
    We say good things to people we love
    And bad things to people we hate... more »

  • Would You Leave Me?

    I saw my sister
    Screw up her life
    So I don't wanna
    End up like her... more »

  • You

    I like you and I miss you
    You make me cry, then laugh
    Why do you make me so angry
    Then brighten my day.... more »

  • You Didnt Want Me

    I was told at seven
    That she's not my mother
    Why do I call her mom
    If you're the one... more »