• Giving Up

    Everyday it's getting harder to want to live in a world full or misery
    and destruction. Watching every step being taken to make sure no one gets offended. Wanting just to scream out loud how you really feel about everything going on around you. Instead of always being nice and polite.

    Wondering when the world will notice how much you hate your life. Letting out all the angry demons that are locked away deep down inside your head. Finally showing everyone how crazy and angry you are.... more »

  • Hiding Behind The Smile

    Feeling empty inside and no one in the world sees how much pain and suffering you have endured. When you just smile and say everything’s ok or I’m fine. Knowing that everything your feeling is just the opposite. While deep down you just want to give up and die.

    Wondering when is the nightmare of your life going to be over with because you have no more faith in a God that promises a happy life full of loving people who are supposed to accept and love you. When you look around and see no one’s there for you. Just the devil that keeps saying lets party. I’m here and I’ll take away your pain for a while. All you have to do is pick up a bottle and keep swallowing the poison or shove another needle in your vain. Filling your blood with my poison.... more »