• Adam And Mia

    I once met a couple,
    sweet as can be
    they loved each other,
    as i could see.... more »

  • Burn

    Thats it Nicole
    now you will die
    burn in your suffering
    Blood in your eye... more »

  • I Love Msn

    i love msn
    its just so good
    and if you dont like it
    then go away... more »

  • Larissa Baby

    Larissa is my girlfriend,
    we'll be friends until the end.
    She has nice hair
    and her skin is fair.... more »

  • Nicole Cannot Write A Poem

    Nicole cant write a poem
    Nobody knows why
    Its because she is so gay
    Her brain is the size of a cupcake... more »

  • Nicole D

    her name is Nicole D
    so gay is she
    so let Nicole D be
    sitting next to me.... more »

  • Nicole D Is Next To Me

    Nicole D is next to me
    her head is as big as the ocean sea
    when she gets excited she does a little wee
    Nicole D is next to me.... more »

  • Pick-Hole Nicole And Smelly Kelly

    Nicole is so lovely
    But she always picks her nose.
    Thats why her nick name is pick-hole Nicole!... more »

  • Smiggle

    floating in the pepsi
    happy as can be
    i can see someone
    who just isnt me... more »