• &

    I don’t think it’s my time to go,
    But here I am hanging from a ledge,
    My fingers slipping,
    My arms loosing their strength,... more »

  • & What Would U Do?

    Ang3l mine I wish u were here,
    I feel so helpless without u near.

    If we were together,... more »

  • * If I Meant That Much To U

    If I meant that much to you,
    Why couldn’t you wait?
    If I meant that much to you,
    Why did you push yourself onto me?... more »

  • *friendship

    The truth has only recently been unveiled to me,
    & the reality that lies in wait behind the red velvet curtain disheartens me.
    I didn’t think it’d matter so much, I didn’t think I’d care:
    I was sourly wrong.... more »

  • *rain

    A salty mist swirls around us,
    Landing on our skin,
    And tangling in our hair
    As we sit on the golden sand,... more »

  • *white Shirt

    Coldness creeping in,
    As darkness clouds my eyes,
    My hands start to shake,
    Stilled only by nails digging into me.... more »

  • ? & Answer

    Sitting on your lap,
    Wearing some old blue jeans,
    Under an enchanted oak,
    When the sky starts to shadow,... more »

  • 1 More Time

    I thought u were different, but again I have to ask:
    Do u think before u speak?
    Or do the words just fall out of u in a jumbled mess?
    Because u say u lUv me,... more »

  • 6-Feet

    Davey Jones had it well,
    He did not have a heart to tell,
    To tell him of loves bitter pain,
    And how it never gives you any gain,... more »

  • A King's Night

    The gravel crunches under my feet
    As the garish sun starts to retreat
    He draws up his black cape to slip into sleep
    And sail off into dreams that are oh, so deep... more »

  • All The Pretty Ponies

    Graceful creatures frozen for eternity in mid-jump,
    Their silhouettes in front of silver reflections of stark reality,
    Only the brightest paints are caressed onto their plastic, flawless bodies,
    Yet for all the splendor put into these divine creatures;... more »

  • All The Same

    I fell in love with the words you wrote,
    The poems you penned,
    The ink you bled,
    You seemed to pore your true feeling out onto the page,... more »

  • Ang3l Min3

    Angel mine,
    Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you,
    And regret that the pages of my life got in the way.
    It seems like decades have gone by since last we talked,... more »

  • Broken

    To many times I’ve been hurt,
    To many times I’ve been blamed,
    To many times my heart has been shattered,
    Into so many pieces that I’m afraid,... more »

  • Can U Guess It?

    Illuminating the world around us,
    Flowing from being to mortal,
    Surging out of the center of time,
    Tying spirits together,... more »

  • Carousel Ride

    The only thing society wants to give to me.
    I don’t understand why this keeps happening,
    But I try to see the good in it,... more »

  • Chaotic Love Song

    My heart is broke in two,
    I don’t know what to do,
    I’m trying to understand,
    But my senses are slipping away like sand.... more »

  • Chase Of Agony

    Sitting on a deserted park bench,
    The rain whispers down onto my unguarded skin,
    Drenching my hair,
    But I can’t feel it.... more »

  • Checkmate?

    </>It’s amazing how quickly you can change my mood,
    So much in fact that I feel quite bipolar,
    The ups and downs making me sick,
    Yet for some reason I keep talking to you.... more »

  • Children's Stories

    Children's stories seem just that,
    Only stories,
    Nothing more,
    And nothing less,... more »

  • Color

    When you can’t enjoy nature,
    You color me miserable blue.
    When you consume spirits
    You color me senseless red.... more »

  • Dark Room

    In a room that’s left forgotten,
    With lights that will not shine,
    Sits a girl whose heart is broken,
    In a corner of her time,... more »

  • Death Eternal

    I feel so alone, in this dark sound proof room,
    My wings clipped, my heart dead,
    But still
    Beating.... more »

  • Death Of My Life's Song

    Standing in the rain;
    My face contorted in pain,
    I try to understand,
    The feelings overflowing my crimson hands.... more »

  • Destiny

    Here I stand in the darkness of the night
    Where only the stars see me,
    For I am in the blackest shadows
    Flat up against a wall... more »