hello my name is angel i like to mostly write what's on my mind..I am a very nice and cool person when you get to know me...if you want to talk to me my email is im_da_wifey_type33@yahoo.com you can write me anytime and i will write you back...i love to write... i write lots of poems but i don't put all of them on here because most of them is personal...


Angel Wade Poems


Why do I smile at the sound of your voice?
Why do I let you take over me as if I had no choice?

Why do I feel I can't live like this forever?... more »

For My Friends

I was always their for you
i never gave up on you
you gave up on me and yourself
I never even knew you like... more »

Want To Kill Myself...

I want to kill myself
I want to Kill myself because my life
I want to Kill myself because i just can't take it nomore
I want to Kill myself because i want to know why my life have to be like this...... more »

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