• A Poor Equation

    Oh Mother!
    Am I so inadequate,
    Or he inadequate,
    Or the World around us Inadequate?... more »

  • A Reason To Smile Today

    I saw a reason to smile today
    when I saw a butterfly flutter its wings around my way.

    I saw a reason to smile today,... more »

  • Alone

    Alone I drift away,
    Alone I walk a thousand miles,
    Alone I fall asleep,
    Alone I stare at the sky,... more »

  • Along With It

    Please don't say goodbye
    My stranded butterfly
    Tell me where you've been
    I know you have a story to tell... more »

  • At Afternoons

    Elbows hit while sitting right next to each other,
    I hear your breath from the awkward silence
    You ask me a question or two,
    you smile a little and when I see it,... more »

  • Blind Men

    Show me the truth
    the one that boils beneathe your eyes
    What do you see
    When you gaze at me... more »

  • Circus Of Creones

    Come see
    the Circus of Creones
    All the colours in the world
    Brimming, hopping... more »

  • Cry No More

    I won't leave you
    even at the end of it all
    I promise I'll be there to meet you
    I'll wait right there... more »

  • Dancing In The Night

    I want to dance with you,
    will you take my hand and come with me?
    I'll take you to the stars and even to the moon
    and we'll dance all throughout the night.... more »

  • Fade

    Strange that I don't see
    the warmth given to me
    I wonder how it all vanished... more »

  • Forever Lonely

    I am forever lonely,
    and forever looking.
    My heart is filled with sadness,
    to whom shall I cry?... more »

  • Gising

    Di na kailangan pang
    balikan ang nakaraan
    kahit higit sa higit
    Nakalipas ay natapos na... more »

  • Her Days

    I sit, lie, and eat, delirious to better things
    wondering, hopefully wishing, as the only good contrast,
    that situation may change, and heart be tamed.
    What unpredictability brings, I beg to differ God brings,... more »

  • I Wish I Could Fly

    I wish I could fly.

    Defy gravity so much that it could never pull me back.... more »

  • Intrusion

    Others have let go even before it begun
    The rest remained, doubt reigned
    For the magnanimity of this universe
    we ask for a hand... more »

  • It Was You

    ... more »

  • It's Not

    It's not about what you say,
    but what it means.

    It's not about what you see,... more »

  • Jealous Of You

    I look at you,
    and I see myself.
    I look at you,
    and I feel the regret running through my veins,... more »

  • Personal Eternity

    He touches her face
    Sends her a smile
    Takes her hand
    and twirls her around... more »

  • Romantic

    Truth be told...one can never exactly tell how much it hurts to be unloved.
    To be unloved by the one you love, though.... more »

  • Sensuality And Love

    I saw her gazing upon the window,
    her supple breasts so visible,
    her gentle lips and soft velvet skin,
    so obvious, so tempting,... more »

  • Shadow

    How does one find love?
    When things around you are not what it seems...... more »

  • She Whispered

    For what's lost
    May never be found again
    For what its worth
    May be more understood.... more »

  • Sleep

    tonight, I tell myself to sleep
    shut away all those memories
    just fly away... more »

  • That Is You

    High tide...that is the effect of a round moon up in the air
    Such a befitting term that never fails to amaze people

    Like the heart, when close to its round moon, its beat fastens... more »