Angela R. M. Ferrer was born in Makati City, Philippines on September 17,1989. Raised in Quezon City, she attended traditional Catholic primary and secondary schools in School of the Holy Spirit. Later, she attended college in University of Asia & the Pacific in Pasig City, specializing in Child Development & Education. To date, she helps out in the family business and mostly writes for herself, occasionally publishing some of her works online.

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Angela R. M. Ferrer Poems


Alone I drift away,
Alone I walk a thousand miles,
Alone I fall asleep,
Alone I stare at the sky,... more »

Forever Lonely

I am forever lonely,
and forever looking.
My heart is filled with sadness,
to whom shall I cry?... more »

A Reason To Smile Today

I saw a reason to smile today
when I saw a butterfly flutter its wings around my way.

I saw a reason to smile today,... more »

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Comments about Angela R. M. Ferrer

Jessica Deakin 04 Dec 2006 05:14
Your poem is really great because you've expressed it in your own way. I think that yours are special, and it doesnt matter if you've made it obvious because thats how you wanted it to be. Don't let anyone tell you your poem isn't as special as other people's, because no matter what everyone's poems are special because they express themselves in thier own way. Not just one opinion counts. I mean HEY! you might not even take my advice!
Poetry Hound 23 Dec 2004 07:21
Angela, you have a lot to say in your poetry but I think you say it in pretty obvious ways, so it doesn't seem all that special. There are some great poets on this site. I would suggest reading Li-Young Lee or Pablo Neruda or Sharon Olds or some of the other great ones and let them influence you. Learning from the masters will make you a better poet. You certainly have the potential.