• Confused

    Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by life
    and sometimes I'm just too confused
    sometimes I don't know what to do
    I just feel all blue! ! ! ! !... more »

  • Dedicated To My Wonderful One And Only Husband Jesse

    Tan solo tú me enseñaste,
    Lo que es vivir, lo que es tener... more »

  • Dreams Do Come True

    You are my sunshine
    Your a dream come true
    Without you I would be miserable
    Without you I couldnt bear... more »

  • Greatest Gift

    I know that sometimes people say your not my dad.
    But it doesn't hurt me
    To me you are, and thats what counts.
    Having you as my father,... more »

  • Hope And Love

    A short while ago
    I met my love
    A man who was all, I had ever dreamed of
    He is forever in my thoughts... more »

  • Husband

    I never knew what love meant until I met you
    Your always there for me... more »

  • In My Dreams

    Sometimes I feel you here next to me
    that smell of perfume of warmness and tenderness
    I see you only in my dreams…
    you look so sad your always crying,... more »

  • Letting Go

    Letting go of someone you love
    Is like tearing off
    Pieces of your skin
    With the hope... more »

  • Love Hurts

    Oh how love has changed my life.
    When will my boyfriend come back
    Is it me that Im doing wrong
    Or is it he who is messing around.... more »

  • Love You

    Follow me through the garden of love... more »

  • Loving Mother

    Mother, how I wish you were here with me.
    Just hugging and caressing me is what I need.... more »

  • My Dear Kassy (Daughter)

    My sweet little girl should be cheerful and mild
    She must not be fretful and cry
    Oh why is this passion remember, my child,
    GOD sees you, who lives in the sky.... more »

  • Sad And Alone

    Somewhere in the world a person is crying,
    somewhere in her world her shattered soul is dying,
    sometime in her future she gives up trying.... more »

  • Seeing You Again

    I saw you the other day, we stared at each others face
    I turned the other way, because I had nothing to say
    I’ve always wondered what had happened to you
    It’s been several years, the last time I saw you... more »

  • Sisters

    God sent us to be sisters.
    So we can be best of friends.
    To be there for one another
    Even when there is pain.... more »

  • Special Daughter

    You always bring me that special joy
    That comes from deep inside... more »

  • Unknown

    We are perfect
    For in our case,
    Your laugh brings a smile to my face...
    And since the start...... more »

  • You And Me

    You carried me for what I’m sure
    felt like forever and on January 18,73.
    it was finally now or never.
    Your baby girl was born,... more »