Im Young and I'm a fashion student. Attending at IADT in Las Vegas.(International Academy of Design and Technology) . I love using my creative mind. I've started writing since I was 15. I'll be posting every poetry I have written. I honestly think I'm no good at this but I haven't stop writing. I love to hear what others' have to say about my poetry. I dont have much to say about myself. I'm just an average jane who's wasting her life to become an artist. I have no published books, no pamphlets, nothing but a notebook filled with my life. You guys are the first ones to read what i've got. Enjoy.


Angelica Ortiz Poems


Back to basics...
He ask me to be his, but there seems to be no interaction.
Before we had such a strong connection.
We went better than math with fractions.... more »

Writer's Block

Where did all go?
I’m stuck here with a writer's block
After you decide to wake me-
And I’m shut out from my dreams.... more »


Today it will live.
Tomorrow it will die.
She has nothing else to give,
Maybe next time she'll give it another try.... more »

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