My name is Angel, Im 26 years old i have 3 kids, I am a single mother, I am A recovering drug addict, I express myself and my experiences through my words I pray people find hope in what i have to say,


Angelica Pollard Poems

Losing Control

Hurt and alone, Lost with no Home, Left by herself, she needed someone's help, so confused and abused, what path should she choose, led by the pain that she felt, she turned to drugs and it was their that she fell into the pit of her own hell,... more »

Here She Stand's Alone....

Eye's Of pain, can you see Deep within, She's Going Insane, Those Brown eye's they Hide so many lie's, Heart aces and goodbyes, Those deep brown eye's, how many time's have they cried...... more »

Lost, Faded, And Confused

Tired eyes, silent cry's,
Broke dream's, muffled screams,
She wonders why all she
Here's are lies,... more »

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