Angelica Traylor Biography

I like funny TV, funny movies, & funny people, I like green 'now or laters' and Sushi, I like summer baseball and Guinness, I like good times and good feelings (but I'm not oppose to a struggle every now then to keep myself grounded) , I like family, friends, and haters, I like books, poetry and art, I like the freedom teaching of Nelson Mandela and the cocky talk of Muhammad Ali, I like real hip-hop and sappy love stores, I like the White Sox (but don't mind if the Cubs win a game or two) , I really like the TV show HEROS and I admit to secretly watching a reality show here & there, I like oversize sun-glasses, cat fish and the color pink... I like double stuff Oreos, Star Trek, AND Star Wars! (may the force be with you) , I like the strength and endearment of the elephant, I like James Bond movies, Timberland Boots, and Japanese comic books, I like Seinfeld, WuTang Clan, and The Cosby Show, I like instant gratification and long overdue satisfaction, I like the flight of the bird, cute high heel shoes and cozy warm pajamas, I like the scent of lavender, stuff animals and colorful socks, I like chocolate birthday cake and chocolate ice cream, I like hazelnut coffee, new quarters, and shiny jewelry, I like Lena Horn, Audrey Hepburn and new inventions, I like Bob Marley, Astronomy, and Cesar salads, I like cereal for dinner, desert for breakfast, and rainy afternoons, I like scrap art, autobiographies, and interventions, I like M&M’s, Bath & Body Works lotions, and yellow high lighters, I like cool, collective and totally out of the ordinary, I like live music, Libra’s, and Barack Obama!