• Born My

    I was born my father's grandfather
    i spoke of days that speak
    i exited my shelter of nine months
    i took up the hoes to till the land... more »

  • Cry

    there is a cry on my pillow
    i hear every night
    it tells me to suffer in silence
    and fright... more »

  • Forgot

    have you ever forgotten how to be you
    i have
    i became a coward a LIAR
    i lie even to myself... more »

  • Love Lost

    Lİft not thy boulder
    that layeth not asunder
    it's numbness and ceaseless agony
    a pit oh so holeless... more »

  • My Bed

    i loved them all in their own way
    they brought variety and sustenance one way in their own way
    the excitement is not understated in one way sin their own way
    simply none in their own way... more »

  • My Tears

    my tears make me cry,
    my laughter makes me laugh,

    a creak at opening door,... more »

  • Scented

    scented with rose
    swathed in silk
    draped in satin
    sweetened in caramel... more »

  • Some Time

    some time when you look to the sky, it is all grey
    and some time when you look to the sun, it is all black
    then some time you look to the smile on a face, and it is wrinkled with a frown.... more »

  • Tell Me

    Tell me who told the story.
    the story, of a girl who cried and shed no tears.
    tell me who told the story of a girl,
    who shed no tears when she cried.... more »

  • The Landmine

    he planted me,
    desolate i lay
    with no pal too
    well! he lay me... more »

  • Truly Sorry

    take your sorry with you, and face the inevitable,
    i am done taking stock. building inventory of 'i am sorry'
    sorry i called you a liar,
    sorry i believed your friend, when she said 'she is no good for you'.... more »