AK Angga Kusumadinata 05-05-1991

Rd. Angga Kusumadinata is Indonesian Young Poet. He was born in Ciamis - West Java on May 05 - 1991. His first book of poems is still in process to publish which is 'NEKROPOLIS' has launched in Kediri East Java, and will launch in his hometown soon. He also as an English Volunteer Teacher in Primary School 2 Sukaresik. He was very active as FAM Indonesia (Forum Aktif Menulis) member and also as ‘Aktivis Perpustakaan’ in his town. He wishes could much more to motivate his children in writes and reads. He lives with his father only, because of his mother was died in the last seven years ago.

Many of his poems are published on many local and national mass media in Indonesia. Angga’s Poem Collections, his English poem on Ganesha Tabloid. And also many Indonesian poems and his short story were published in many mass media.

His home address at Dusun Tugu RT/RW 36/13 Desa Sukasenang Kecamatan (sub-district) Sindangkasih Kabupaten (town) Ciamis. Postal Code: 46268. Phone: +6283826150347 or his email: dinataexcl@gmail.com



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