• Dear Best Friend,

    dear best friend, I hope you haven't forgotten me.
    because I haven't forgotten about you.
    dear best friend, what has happened to us.
    is our friendship really through?... more »

  • Good-Bye

    you held on to the key for to long
    so now its time to set me free.
    you are not apart of me anymore,
    so ill grab my stuff and head for the door.... more »

  • If I Told You....

    If I told you how I felt would you care
    Would it just pass you by like the wind?
    I have had hard times but this is the hardest to bare
    My heart is small and empty like it's been.... more »

  • Im Not Her

    why couldn't I see it before
    you wanted me to be her all along.
    you kept pretending more and more
    to the point that I was no longer strong.... more »

  • The Truth Please

    she's trying so hard to fight back the tears
    she doesn't understand anything anymore.
    and she feels like no one cares
    but she is still wishing she was yours.... more »

  • Time Goes On

    the truth is that I cant seem to forget you
    the thing is that you are always in my mind
    memories of you are harder to bare and they make me so blue
    I cant believe how everything was in front of me but yet I was blind... more »