Anhelica Velasqsuez Biography

I was first introduced to poetry by my seenth grade english teacher. She introduced me to both that and mythology. both of wich i immensly enjoy. Ussually i wouldnt count this as such a big deal, but actually it is, Poetry was what first started pulling me out of my depression, and then i started waking up and pulling myself out of the abyss. Poetry saved my life. As wierd as it sounds. I have found that its allways around me. And that words are what keep me going. Well actually, now alot of things keep me going but poems keep me in check. They are like a tunel to yourself. They can be about anything, ur favorite place, your family, your friends, ur heart, and ur dreams. they can be serious and they can be silly. They are You, and i try not to forget that. MY poems are Me.