• A Brother Is A Brother, A Sister Is A Sister

    I refuse to back down
    not gonna let them win now
    They willl NEVER see
    all the hurt and pain they cause me... more »

  • All Hollows Eve

    A night for wiches...
    Goblilns. and gouls
    A night for candy
    Grimlocks and fools... more »

  • Angelic Sight

    For some reason unknown
    my sight, for now, restored

    Perhaps god needed an outlet... more »

  • Anouther I Miss You Poem

    Have you ever
    just sat in the floor
    and either want to cry or die
    you didnt care wich?... more »

  • Arrow Through The Heart

    Cant you heal this broken heart,
    maybe not completely
    I understand if that just cant be
    just perhaps stop the pain?... more »

  • Assumptions

    I said i was a flower,
    didnt say i was sweet.
    Nor did i say sour
    dont eat me - im no treat... more »

  • Blessed

    Wondourous things in life god gives,
    to save our hearts and souls from stress
    amazing gifts from him above,
    that show his ever lasting love... more »

  • Broken

    Im broken
    theres no outher way to put it
    i cant be that normal anymore
    i try and try, but its too hard... more »

  • Brother... Or Enemy?

    I dont know
    there i admitt it
    i just dont know...... more »

  • Change

    Forgot how to hide
    all my emotions with pride,
    And everythings falling apart.
    Some days colors are bursting... more »

  • Confused

    you hit your head a little hard
    and now all of your thoughts are marred
    for a sec you dont know where you are
    you say your ok and go about your day... more »

  • Deceived Yet Relieved

    You did this! For a start -
    You broke my heart.
    you told me things I knew aren't true
    You made me think i needed you,... more »

  • Dreamily

    i sit in silence
    thinking dreamily
    things i dont understand
    from, my fire to my breeze... more »

  • Emily Thomas

    Eight years old,
    thats when we met
    you chiped my tooth
    and we became best friends... more »

  • Fake

    I paint my smile
    on my face,
    draw my emotions
    down, and color... more »

  • Flutters

    A Smile and a laugh,
    A look and a bump

    The feeling you get
    with his teasing tone... more »

  • Forever Falling Rain

    in vain i kept my tears
    from weeping
    in vain i clutch my heart
    from every rain dropp leaking... more »

  • Freedom Sings

    Life is not perfect
    its stained and bruised
    Life is not Free
    Its faught for every scarr... more »

  • Gorge

    you can have your heart back
    i dont want it!
    keep your love
    i dont need it... more »

  • How Can I Say Goodnight?

    How can I say goodnight
    When things just don’t feel right
    Like my heart is just too light
    Or my head is on too tight?... more »

  • I Love You

    you take my hand,
    i close my eyes,
    they open again
    looking towards the sky... more »

  • I Never Gave Up...

    fake smile on my face
    im refusing to break
    i can do better than this
    who the hell do you think i am?... more »

  • I’m Not Gone, Incase U Miss Me

    look up at the moon
    at night
    and close your eyes
    ill be there,... more »

  • If I Gotta Be

    If i gotta be her
    thats okay with me,
    if i gotta be ten feet tall
    i'll grow, you'll see,... more »

  • I'Ll Stay Strong...

    You once told me to be strong
    and to wait for you, i've never waited long
    you'd be there to wipe away tears that burn,
    then being strong was allways your turn...... more »