• Her Or Me

    Don't look in my eyes
    Don't take my hand
    Don't tell me your sorry
    Or that you understand... more »

  • I Just Wanted You To Know

    I sit her writing this poem
    Longing to let go
    Would you even notice?
    Would you even know?... more »

  • Laugh It Up

    Laugh it up when you see me
    Laugh about the times you left me for your friend
    Laugh at how I came running back
    How I always gave in in the end... more »

  • Please Dont Judge

    You all judge me by my looks
    But you dont know the real me
    You dont see the person inside
    Who I really want to be... more »

  • Sick And Tired

    Im sick of pretending its all perfect
    Tired of living a lie
    Sick of loving you
    Tired of the tears I cry... more »

  • Sitting Here In Tears

    I'm sitting here in tears
    You think it's just a joke
    But its not you that's hurting
    It's not your heart that's broke... more »

  • Sorry

    I sorry about this daddy
    I know you love me so
    But the pain is just too much
    I really need to go... more »