• Dark Clouds

    When the dark clouds cover my mind
    When there is total darkness in front of my sight
    When I become breathless and suffocate
    I think of you... more »

  • Friendship

    Shores never meet but share the same ocean
    Stars and moon could not be one yet are in one sky
    So my dear friend
    No matter where live takes us... more »

  • My Child

    Waiting to be hold by your tiny hands
    Waiting to hold you, the precious gift
    Waiting to kiss your tender head
    Waiting to hear u cry... more »

  • Pearl

    Bursting from the cloud in the sky
    I started my journey to earth
    All the while I kept wondering
    What will happen to me... more »

  • Rain

    The sweet smell of wet earth
    Children playing in the water
    The colour of grey sky contrasting the green earth
    Couples sharing the umbrella... more »

  • Special Friend

    If there were no tear
    I wouldn't have known fun of laughter
    If there were no pain
    I wouldn't have known the feeling of happiness... more »

  • Terrorist

    When other children played with toys
    I played with guns and bombs
    When other children studied in schools
    I studied the art of war... more »

  • Uncertainty

    Is uncertainty just a word or it has a meaning
    Meaning which means more than what is there in the dictionary
    When I saw you there was uncertainty if I could talk to you ever
    When I spoke with you there was uncertainty if you could me my friend... more »

  • Unknown

    Unknown are we to the turns life might take
    Unknown are we to the suprises we will receive
    Unknown are we to the challenges we will face
    Unknown are we to the strength we have within ourselves... more »

  • You

    I was happy living my life until.......
    Out of blue you came
    You turned my life upside down
    I could do nothing but just watch... more »