Anirbit Mukherjee Poems

A Date With Nothingness

A night with a drunk ghost,
A journey into the dark forests of hope.

A wait for the one who shall descend from the thin air... more »

The Voice

I was walking away from the mirror,
I was walking away from my shadow,
I wanted to fade away in terror,
I listened to my sky and its bellow..... more »

Sculputed Out Of Thoughts.

It is here since i thought it is here,
It will be here till i think it is here,
Captured in the web of my thought,
Captures the course of my mind.... more »

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Comments about Anirbit Mukherjee

Gowri Subramanian 17 May 2007 06:11
Great work.... Keep writing... There is tremendous potential in you....
Tapas Bandyopadhaya 11 Sep 2006 12:09
I liked the poem. The young man has potential.