• A Date With Nothingness

    A night with a drunk ghost,
    A journey into the dark forests of hope.

    A wait for the one who shall descend from the thin air... more »

  • Sculputed Out Of Thoughts.

    It is here since i thought it is here,
    It will be here till i think it is here,
    Captured in the web of my thought,
    Captures the course of my mind.... more »

  • The Dinner.

    The rice is cooling down, (then it wont taste good) .
    The soup is getting cold, (I know you don't like soups) ,
    The fish is very good to taste, (I know you don't eat fish) ,
    The chocolate ice-cream is great! (Oh! ..sorry..I forgot that you like vanilla)... more »

  • The Lunch

    A table for two. An empty chair.
    A white cloaked man. A plate of edibles.
    The scorching heat. The summer afternoon.
    A run of time. A chase of dreams. A mist of thoughts.... more »

  • The Voice

    I was walking away from the mirror,
    I was walking away from my shadow,
    I wanted to fade away in terror,
    I listened to my sky and its bellow..... more »

  • Uncertainty.

    Every time i think that this is the destination,
    Everytime i think that this is the end....of my search,
    Everytime i think that this is here to stay,
    Life reminds me that its all a mirage that i see.... more »