Aniruddha Pathak 25.05.1941

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Luck is what a man locks, Opportune time when knocks.
To people who want to do something
If happy not right now and here, How can ye be any which where?
To those that wait for happiness
Politics, a game of shame, To pull legs seems its sole aim.
To those obsessed with politics

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Aniruddha is a venerable and versatile poet with lot of wisdom. I feel his poems are a treasure to the poetry world.His poems can boost the thinking and understanding ability of the reader to a greater level because he has a unique writing style of a high standard. I get immense pleasure reading his poems..May God bless him with more progress and prosperity all through his life
I find much pleasure in reading his poems and commenting.In most cases he replies to the comments.He also gives wonderful review on the works of other poets.He is a great poet, reviewer as well as great human being.I am proud to have known him through his poems and getting many of my poems reviewed by him.Thank you so much respected poet Aniruddha Pathak.
Aniruddha Pathak is a great poet from India whose poems impressed me from the day one of my reading.His writings are versatile, with wit and depth as well as rhyme and reasoning.As Akhtar Jawad said in his comment, the poems of Aniruddha Pathak should not be read lightly.They reqire full concentration and sincerity to understand.Most of his poems have some unique flavour and theme.
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