Aniruddha Pathak Quotes

Luck is what a man locks, Opportune time when knocks.
To people who want to do something
If happy not right now and here, How can ye be any which where?
To those that wait for happiness
Politics, a game of shame, To pull legs seems its sole aim.
To those obsessed with politics
We often give and still too little give, Give none any, and still so much receive!
Responding to selfishness prevailing everywhere
Honey bees too strive, But never harm their beehive, Man, ye have been naïve.
To us all, out to plunder Mother Earth
Like a river is a poem, And a much chiselled uncut gem, She changes, keeps still her emblem.
To us, budding poets
Flowers waltz in rain, No'ne sees, not in vain.
To those that have no time for Nature
We our mobiles do charge, To be in touch (with what?) at large, But when our soul recharge?
To today's busybodies that have no time for their soul
Together trees grow fair, Happy is not happy alone.
On sharing happiness (one is happy the most when happiness is shared)
Look, what man has to this earth done, Smart and stupid known are never to learn.
These two categories of men have done the maximum damage to Earth