Aniruddha Pathak Quotes

If for no one heart heaves, It survives, never lives.
To today's self-centred man
Death is no candle blown, A lamp put off at dawn.
To us all too much scared of death
Mother, like none other, And father as father, Make all others, others, A few still wear feathers.
Its roots rooted in mud, A lotus still stays pristine pure, Of men, I'm not so sure.
To us all
And freedom's free choice can well be free fall, As all prisons are not made of brick wall, As is mirage a blank space not yet walled, Ask a poet long on his last line stalled.
To all freedom minded
Progress, a hard-working-early-rise hen, Not a bed-bound late rising lazy man, Nor one feeling handicapped sans bedpan.
What is second childhood? In serene solitude, As if retired in wood, You re-live when childhood.
To all the old in their second childhood
Make it a foe or friend, It is in your own hand, Yet, mere two yards of land Be all Death would ye lend.
On death, to all alive
Kites climb up higher against blowing wind, Fish against river-flow swims, not behind, But man despairs, strives not, a way to find.
To all seeking an easy passage in life
Words seem to wear too loose a dress, Way there's to find form, face, nor poise, Voice alone smiles, has all the grace, Wish, my poem does find her voice.
To all us, poets