Aniruddha Pathak Quotes

Like umbrella this man has been, Wet from without, Dry from within, And smart still to keep all in doubt.
On human nature
There lies limitless height In limited us all, Behind darkling clouds, light, And yet, man feels he's small.
To those that underestimate them
As is within all us, So is in universe, And we still miss the bus!
To us all (inspired by an Upanishadic thought)
Money making, a tight-lipped game of poker, To have-nots, but a filthy game of lucre, Yet, money locked up in a locker, It's no game to any a joker.
On mpney
It's to love one as one has been, To look for perfection is mean.
Love lays down no condition.
Reborn, we all are on parole, Here to live life on a large dole.
Born of thoughts on life and death
A good poem better be brief, Set afloat light like a dry leaf, Hidden like an iceberg, Set to sail, smooth and snug, What's left unsaid O rife like riff.
Born of my love of brevity.
If joys go rare, life's desert bare, Who'd for the next breath ever care?
Taitareeya Upanishad said something to this effect
If man's happy not now and here, How hereafter, and any where?
From one of my poems, on Happiness
We when give, oft too little give, Giving none, so much we receive.
On giving, from one of my poems