• Advice

    I hear fear in my ear
    It's not crystal clear,
    But i feel that Time is ending my dear
    I just want to share my feelings and emotions before i disappear.... more »

  • Love

    This might sound a bit extreme,
    But you are my dream.
    Making you mad,
    Made me feel real sad... more »

  • No Doubt, I'M Sorrry

    I'm sorry for not fulfiling my obligation
    For watching you while you go through this starvation
    For keeping the cure of your depression
    There is no doubt, i'm really sorry... more »

  • Poem About Famine In Somalia

    Dying from sever hunger
    Bones decaying infront of my eyes as i forget how it is to be a youngster
    dried tears, no need to be in anger
    Thats Shaitan't characteristic, i'll just obey Allah, submit, and surrender... more »

  • Shaitan(Satan)

    You drive me insane
    You make me suffer a severe pain
    You truly ruin my brain
    How can i wash you down the drain?... more »