• Couches Are Easy To Pick

    He knows that it has to be carried out soon,
    the urgency of the matter he could not stress more.
    Today he had to go pick his new couch.
    When his brother called yesterday,... more »

  • Some Days Are Just Messy

    Where does this blinding light originate.
    Through irrelevant spaces it moved along to mine;
    and I exist along with it.
    I dwell here in retirement and the barbaric lustre takes away... more »

  • The Day My Tongue Dropped

    The drop features itself among the traffic horde.
    Cannot question its discretion, the tongue
    Popping out sways and yields along my lips and teeth.... more »

  • This Was Always Her Night

    What do these boys have to do?
    to have to sleep with you
    One sitting against the lamp comfortable with his shadow
    taking heat of the only bulb that's on... more »

  • Wendy Was A Tool

    These green tights do look good on me,
    They say, it fits well can't you see.
    I wake up everyday with a jingle
    And till today I have tried to stay single.... more »

  • Yellow And Red

    It's light that I see all along the streets.
    You show me them yellow, you show me red.
    It's light that I see.... more »