I was born on 14 September 1984 in kanpur a small place in uttar pradesh, India.
We are basic native of Uttar pradesh but stationed in Ballarpur a place in maharashtra.
I am a graduate in chemical engineering from LIT nagpur and MBA from Belgium university.
I belong to a place called Ballarshah which is situated in chandrapur district of Maharashtra(India) .
I was working in Mumbai for 3 years.
Now i am situated to Pune and being here for last 4 years.
I am fond of writing and used to do it when i have time.
Hope the poem i wrote will be liked by you.
At the age of 29 i got my 1st crush and she was my wife later on.
True love are rare to find but i had experienced it myself.
This was a new phase of life which i was traveling through. Most of my poems are replica of my life which i expressed in words.
How it happened and how it all works.
Sometimes it looks very strange and engulfed, but it is a true story which is rare to happen but it is very nice feeling to be into it.
It brings tears, it brings happiness and it also brings a lesson to learn of their matured way of handing emotions, innocence, simplicity, love, care and making dream come true.
This book is dedicated to My wife.
It is a real story through which someone has passed in recent last one year.
This journey was traveled with wife and she was equally supported to him on every part.
I am not very professional in writing but I had tried to put forward the real story in front of you.
I would request just feel the characters, and you will surely fall in love with someone after reading this is not because it will inspire you for love but this shows how beautiful love can be.


Anish Chouhan Poems

Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to my small baby girl,
I know you'll have a great day.
I'd feel speechless saying these words to you,
So here's what i want to say.... more »

Forbidden Love

Think of a face and I see you,
You are so much in me its true,
Stars that glow away some where,
Resembles as if you are there,... more »

Yaad. (Hindi)

Agar yaad na karte to tumhe kis tarah paate,

Hum to bus khushiyon se koso door rah jaate,... more »

Anish Chouhan Quotes

Ambiance of success is at wining some ones trust, It feels lucky when some one trust you, But feels unique when this trust is a blind trust, It is said, Friends are many but best is one, you like many but your love is one, you talk to many but care for one, you live with many but miss only one, Not a single moment is passed without her presence, But still your heart always think of her.
About trust and love.
When we try hard to confine our self, It become a tough job to do so, We always conjure for Elysium as a natural human tendency, But still tale says its always a night mare in the end, A new color of decoy majesty incur, with your dreamed face in life, But the esteemed truth is, it should stay till the eternity.
My thought about life.
Decorating oneself create illusion for some people, If we remain simple, we can put our real image which people generally like, Adapting to condition is the way of life, But pretending create pseudo person which is not you.
False face.

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Anish Chouhan 29 Oct 2013 02:28
The poems i wrote are related to my real life..